Welcome to the official website for Billboard charting composer and pianist, David Tolk.  David's international best-selling composition "In Reverence" has received more than 65 million plays on Pandora Internet Radio.  This is the place to listen to and purchase all of his peaceful contemplative instrumental recordings  and to purchase the sheet music for his compositions.  David's music is also available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.  You can also listen to his music for free on Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music. 

Free Download of Simple Gifts   Podcast

This afternoon, I attended an Eagle Court of Honor for two amazing young men from my neighborhood and church congregation.  While I was listening to an amazing vocal musical number during the Court of Honor, I remembered that I was asked about 11 years ago to prepare a musical number for an Eagle Court of Honor of a good friend.  I prepared a special musical number for that Court of Honor and performed for the first time my arrangement of "Simple Gifts" as that young man received his Eagle Scout award 11 years ago.  That arrangement and the recording of "Simple Gifts" has become one of my favorites over the years.  It has now been played more than 750,000 times on Pandora.  When I listen to "Simple Gifts," it makes me grateful for the wonderful blessing it is to live in the United States.  During the month of July, with the celebration of our Independence Day, I feel even more grateful for this wonderful land in which I have been able to raise my family.  In celebration of this special time of year when we celebrate our freedom and liberty, my recording of "Simple Gifts" will be available for download for free for the rest of the month of July.  I hope that you will enjoy this recording.  Best wishes, David  
  1. Simple Gifts

My Inspiration for "In Reverence" 

Just over 10 years ago, my wife and I took our four children to Cape Cod for a wonderful week of exploring beaches, navigating cute little villages, and discovering unique ice cream shops in little colonial houses.  One afternoon, we visited Sandy Neck Beach and engaged in all of the fun activities that people do at the beach, including playing in the water, catching sand crabs, making sand castles, and throwing the football.  While we were engaged in this fun, I looked in a western direction and gazed up at one of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen.  My family also noticed the amazingly beautiful sky.  We all spontaneously stopped what we were doing and looked at the setting sun with reverence for the natural beauty that we were experiencing.  As I looked around the beach, I was impressed that all of the other families had also stopped their activities and were staring at the sky in reverence.  Shortly thereafter, I composed "In Reverence" as a reminder to me of that profound experience that we shared as a family.  When I listen to "In Reverence," I am reminded of the quiet times in my life when I have been able to experience in reverence those things that are the most poignant, beautiful, and meaningful to me.  I feel fortunate that I have this photograph of my son Brendan and me from that day on the beach.

"In Reverence" has been streamed more than 65 million times on Pandora and has been consistently ranked in the Top 100 New Age Chart for iTunes USA.  If you have been touched by "In Reverence," I recommend that you also listen to my recordings, "Grateful," "Sacred," "Revelation," and "Grace."  You can listen to clips of these songs and others in the Music tab in this website.  Thanks for supporting my music and for listening to "In Reverence."     

Musical Tribute to my Lisa for our 25th Wedding Anniversary  

On June 1, 1991, I married the most beautiful and amazing woman that I have ever seen. We have now spent twenty-five years together and I still cannot believe that she married me.  I have composed many songs for Lisa over the years which have been included on my albums.  She is one of the main inspirations for the music that I compose.  The most recent song that I composed for Lisa is called "Serenade" from my album, "Impressions."  Beginning at about 55 seconds into this composition, a single violin melody begins above the piano.  After a few measures, the violin melody is joined by a second violin part in beautiful peaceful harmony.  The two violins continue this duet for the duration of this piece.  The two harmonious violin parts in "Serenade" represent the beautiful harmony created by Lisa's decision to join me in this amazing journey together for a quarter of a century.  Happy 25th Anniversary to the love of my life.  

In celebration of this wonderful and blessed landmark event in my life, you can download "Serenade" for free during the month of June. I hope that you will enjoy this music.      


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